[Haskell-cafe] ANN: Hayoo! beta 0.4

Timo B. Hübel t.h at gmx.info
Wed Jul 8 18:15:12 EDT 2009


We are pleased to announce the next beta version 0.4 of Hayoo!, the Haskell 
API search engine with find-as-you-type and suggestions.

Visit Hayoo! here: http://holumbus.fh-wedel.de/hayoo

This release includes some major changes to the web interface:

- The full description of a function can now be displayed upon request, using
  the small "+" symbol in front of the description text

- The most common root modules for all functions found are shown as list,
  providing a shortcut for further restricting the current query

- Some example queries on the start page for easier use of Hayoo!

Additionally, we have again updated the search index. It contains all packages 
from Hackage as well as gtk2hs as of 06.07.2009, a total of 111.946 function 
and type definitions.

Please let us know about any problems, hints and suggestions.

Happy hacking,

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