[Haskell-cafe] Haskell Weekly News: Issue 124 - July 4, 2009

Brent Yorgey byorgey at seas.upenn.edu
Sat Jul 4 11:52:40 EDT 2009

Haskell Weekly News
Issue 124 - July 04, 2009

   Welcome to issue 124 of HWN, a newsletter covering developments in the
   [1]Haskell community.


   HLint 1.6. Neil Mitchell [2]announced the release of [3]HLint 1.6, a
   tool for automatically suggesting improvements to Haskell code.

   Haskell Implementers Workshop: accepted talks. Simon Marlow
   [4]announced that the list of talks at the [5]Haskell Implementers
   Workshop 2009 has now been posted.

   bloxorz clone. Patai Gergely [6]announced a [7]Haskell clone of the
   game "bloxorz", written by Viktor Devecseri.

   Fun with type functions. Simon Peyton-Jones [8]announced that he, Ken
   Shan, and Oleg have finished Version 2 of their [9]paper "Fun with Type
   Functions", which gives a programmer's tour of what type functions are
   and how they are useful. If you have a moment to look at, and wanted to
   help them improve it, leave comments on the linked wiki page.

   package Boolean: Generalized booleans. Conal Elliott [10]announced
   [11]Boolean, a new package for generalized booleans, which provides
   type classes with generalizations of Boolean values and operations,
   if-then-else, Eq and Ord.

   TernaryTrees- - An efficient ternary tree implementation of Sets
   and Maps. Alex Mason [12]announced the release of [13]TernaryTrees, a
   package that extends Data.Set ad Data.Map with some ternary tree
   structures, one of the more efficient ways of storing strings in a set.

   6.12.1 planning. Simon Marlow [14]announced plans for a release of GHC
   6.12.1, sometime around September. If you have the time and inclination
   to help with any of the listed features, please get involved!

   regular-0.1. José Pedro Magalhães [15]announced the release of the
   [16]regular library. Many generic programs require information about
   the recursive positions of a data type, such as generic fold, generic
   rewriting, and the Zipper data structure. Regular provides a fixed
   point view on data which allows these definitions for regular data
   types. It also serves as the basis for a [17]generic rewriting library.

Google Summer of Code

   Progress updates from participants in the 2008 [18]Google Summer of

   Haddock improvements. Isaac Dupree has made it easier to generate
   Haddock documentation [19]for non-exported functions, posted an
   [20]overview of the issues involved in getting proper cross-package
   documentation working, and his current [21]plan.

   EclipseFP. Thomas Ten Cate has done a lot of work on EclipseFP,
   including some [22]cosmetic updates and getting [23]error reporting to
   work better.

   space profiling. Gergely Patai is [24]working on a network protocol for
   his profiling grapher tool, so that other tools can monitor the
   profiling information.

   haskell-src-exts. Niklas Broberg has [25]released [26]haskell-src-exts
   version 1.0.0!

   fast darcs. Petr Rockai has completed [27]quite a bit of work on darcs,
   including a [28]beta release of darcs 2.3.


   Monoid wants a (++) equivalent. Bryan O'Sullivan [29]suggested adding a
   more concise operator to the Monoid class for 'mappend', leading to a
   long, bike-shed-ish (but hopefully still useful) discussion.

   Reflections on the ICFP 2009 programming contest. Justin Bailey began a
   [30]discussion on results and experiences from the ICFP 2009
   programming contest.

Blog noise

   [31]Haskell news from the [32]blogosphere. Blog posts from people new
   to the Haskell community are marked with >>>, be sure to welcome them!
     * Gergely Patai: [33]Playing and learning.
     * Ketil Malde: [34]A set of tools for working with 454 sequences.
     * Sebastian Fischer: [35]FP Overview.
     * Magnus Therning: [36]Making a choice from a list in Haskell, Vty
       (part 1).
     * David Amos: [37]Conjugacy classes, part 1.
     * Well-Typed.Com: [38]GHC and Windows DLLs.
     * Manuel M T Chakravarty: [39]Converting typed term representations:
       from HOAS to de Bruijn..
     * >>> Ivan Uemlianin: [40]Haskell: sort and sortBy.
     * Gregory Collins: [41]Building a website with Haskell, part 3.
     * Michael Snoyman: [42]Hack sample- chat server.
     * Luke Palmer: [43]On the By functions.
     * Magnus Therning: [44]Dataenc finally making it into Debian.
     * Thomas ten Cate: [45]New build instructions.
     * Erik de Castro Lopo: [46]Three More for the Debian New Queue.
     * >>> Yuval Kogman: [47]What Haskell did to my brain.
     * Greg Bacon: [48]FFI: calling into kernel32.dll.
     * Greg Bacon: [49]Setting up a simple test with Cabal.
     * Ketil Malde: [50]Dephd updates.
     * Bryan O'Sullivan: [51]What's in a text API?.
     * Brent Yorgey: [52]2009 ICFP programming contest reflections.
     * Galois, Inc: [53]Galois, Inc. Wins Two Small Business Research
       Awards from Federal Agencies.
     * Greg Bacon: [54]Cleaning up your Haskell imports.
     * Douglas M. Auclair (geophf): [55]Realized Constants are Comonadic.

Quotes of the Week

     * KF8NH: all monads are functors, but for Hysterical Raisins not all
       Monads are Functors.
     * lilac: lambda actually is just the greek letter l. it stands for
     * lilac: before mauke we all implemented map with a fold every time
       we needed it.
     * luqui: I'll just stick to my religion: I have a personal
       relationship with our lord and savior, the untyped lambda calculus.
     * copumpkin: I think I was implemented in haskell. I mean, my parents
       never used seq, ever.
     * Benjamin Russell: Haskell. "Avoid success at all costs." Made with
       dinosaur technology.

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