[Haskell-cafe] The future of purely functional user interfaces?

Andrzej Jaworski himself at poczta.nom.pl
Thu Jan 29 13:41:02 EST 2009

Yes, it is something unhealthy to seat on a bunch of far reaching ideas and still use artifact that
even Microsoft tries to shake off (outsourcing their Office XML Ribbons). But as recent roar about
monoids have shown - those who are Haskell most productive programmers are also most unlikely to tap
on anything theoretical. Researchers on the other hand wouldn't be who they are if they thought
mainly in terms of code.  Perhaps some new model of cooperation between a researcher and a group of
volunteers should be worked out.

> Other work [4] seems to indicate that arrows are too general for the
> dataflow programming and co-monads are more suitable and hence might be
> usable for interactive interfaces.

I would be careful with moderating ambition here. It should be extremely open framework that could
allow to accommodate all present experimental (mostly reactive) stuff but also allow close
integration with functional database in the future. The GUI should also lower overheads for Geometric
Algebra. I think that in the future GA, fractals and wavelets will be inbuilt on graphic cards and
GUI might take a role of a sort of a synthesizer.

But of course anything functional would open lots of new possibilities and give us a lot of fun.


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