[Haskell-cafe] ANN: logfloat 0.10, 0.11

wren ng thornton wren at freegeek.org
Thu Jan 29 07:20:53 EST 2009

-- logfloat 0.10, 0.11

This package provides a type for storing numbers in the log-domain, 
primarily useful for preventing underflow when multiplying many 
probabilities as in HMMs and other probabilistic models. The package 
also provides modules for dealing with floating numbers correctly.

-- Compatibility / Portability

The package is compatible with Hugs (September 2006) and GHC (6.8, 
6.10). For anyone still using GHC 6.6, the code should still work if you 
replace LANGUAGE pragma by equivalent OPTIONS_GHC pragma.

The package is not compatible with nhc98 and Yhc because 
Data.Number.RealToFrac uses MPTCs. The other modules should be compatible.

-- Changes for 0.11 (since 0.10)

* Moved the RealToFrac class from Data.Number.Transfinite to 
Data.Number.RealToFrac. This breaks backwards compatibility if you 
depended directly on that module for the class. If you imported the 
class from Data.Number.LogFloat then you're still fine.

-- Changes for 0.10 (since 0.9.1)

* Hugs' Prelude definitions of isInfinite and isNaN for Float and Double 
are buggy. The new Hugs.RealFloat module provides correct 
implementations (defaulting to the Prelude definition for non-Hugs 

* The PartialOrd and Transfinite instances for Double and Float have 
been updated to use these corrected functions.

* Added maxPO and minPO to PartialOrd and added comparingPO to 

* Minor changes to circumvent bugs in Hackage's new version of Haddock. 
You should be able to see all the documentation now.

* ( Minor changes to compile cleanly on GHC 6.10

-- Links




Haddock (Darcs version):

code.haskell.org is down at present so the Darcs repo is lagging 
Hackage. This will be corrected soon.

Live well,

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