Re[Haskell-cafe] cursive referencing

Belka lambda-belka at
Thu Jan 29 03:13:10 EST 2009

>f somedata1 somedata2 = aa
>  where aa = AA somedata1 bb
>            bb = BB somedata2 aa

Spasibo, Yevgeny!

Originally I was thinking theoretically about a single plain
lambda-expression, like 
(\ somedata1 somedata2 ->
    (\ aa bb -> aa (bb aa))
          (\ b -> AA somedata1 b)
          (\ a -> BB somedata2 a) 
But in the code "aa (bb aa)" last aa stays lacking an argument, of course,
if we don't consider 1st application "aa (" as having a side effect on aa. 
And that's where "separate and rule" shows up it's power (speaking about
"where" and namespacing in general). =)

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