[Haskell-cafe] Gentle introduction questions / comments

Matthijs Kooijman matthijs at stdin.nl
Tue Jan 27 09:17:49 EST 2009

Hi Cristiano,

> Mmmmhhh... this seems the signature of the liftM function, whose
> purpose is to make a function operate on monadic values instead of
> pure values. Notice that this is different from the "lift" function
> you described above. A computation is a monadic value (i.e. an object
> of the type "Monad m => m a") and the "lift" function wraps that value
> into a monad transformer, making it a new monadic value (i.e. an
> object of the type "MonadTrans t, Monad m => t m a").
Thanks for clarifying. I don't have my terminology straight yet I guess :-)

Can you fix the issues?


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