[Haskell-cafe] Problems running vectorised dph program

Fabian Reck fre at informatik.uni-kiel.de
Tue Jan 27 06:15:46 EST 2009


I've just begun to play with Data Parallel Haskell but instantly ran into a
problem. My very stupid but very simple example ought to sum the values of
all Nodes in a Tree. The non-vectorised code behaves like I expected, the
vectorised code doesn't terminate. I compiled and ran it the same way as the
example in the tutorial:

ghc -c -O -fdph-par Main.hs
ghc -c -Odph -fcpr-off -fdph-par MinimalParTree.hs
ghc -o MinimalParTree -fdph-par -threaded MinimalParTree.o Main.o

My question is: Is this a bug or is something wrong with the program?


module Main where

import MinimalParTree

main = do
   print $ sumTreeWrapper 20

{-# LANGUAGE PArr, ParallelListComp #-}
{-# OPTIONS -fvectorise #-}

module MinimalParTree (sumTreeWrapper) where

import qualified Prelude
import Data.Array.Parallel.Prelude
import Data.Array.Parallel.Prelude.Int

data Tree a = Node a [: Tree a :]

testTree :: Int -> Tree Int
testTree elem = Node elem emptyP

sumTree :: Tree Int -> Int
sumTree (Node x ns) = x + sumP (mapP sumTree ns)

{-# NOINLINE sumTreeWrapper #-}
sumTreeWrapper :: Int -> Int
sumTreeWrapper elem =
  sumTree (testTree elem)


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