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Sorry, forgot to forward to the ML.

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Date: 2009/1/25
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2009/1/25 Michael Snoyman <michael at snoyman.com>:
> Just as a quick summary of the post, I would say the most salient points are
> that the framework should work in a shared hosting environment and should
> automatically abstract away most of the issues of writing an Ajax web
> application. It should also leverage the strengths of Haskell, eg type
> safety and speed.

I'm doing some work on the same lines. I have a CGI test application running in
a sandboxed environment that resembles shared hosting quite closely; nothing
fancy ATM.

I think more people will get interested in this over time. While HAppS is great,
many people (I suppose :)) would like to use Haskell instead of PHP (well, at
least I do).

Regarding your blog post, let me comment it here.

HStringTemplate can be used to handle templating in a principled
fashion. There is
however, some room for improvement (like, generating some structured
data instead
of plain strings, then enforcing constraints on that data, -- think
(X)HTML validation
at template "compile time").

User input validation is handled by formlets already. It is tempting
to generate JS
automagically, don't know if it will work out.

WSGI-like abstraction would be great (I think of unifying FCGI/CGI
apps, but AFAIK
it's done already: there's a way to run Haskell FCGI applications as
CGI applications,
though it's not documented in tutorials).

I prefer libraries to frameworks, because frameworks are just "preconfigured",
"prewritten" bloated code bases (maybe, it's just me understanding it wrong...).

Artyom Shalkhakov.

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