[Haskell-cafe] Employment

Sittampalam, Ganesh ganesh.sittampalam at credit-suisse.com
Mon Jan 19 17:26:09 EST 2009

Andrew Coppin wrote:
> Andrew Wagner wrote:
>> http://www.haskell.org/haskellwiki/Haskell_in_industry could be of
>> interest to you
> Hmm, interesting... So lots happening in Portland, Oregon. Lots in
> Cambridge, MA. A few things in Europe. And nothing at all in the
> UK...  

We (Credit Suisse) have Haskell developers in both London and NY,
although the page only listed NY (I've now corrected it).

Two other companies without locations listed - Barclays Capital and
Standard Chartered - also have at least some Haskell development in
the UK, and I think that's where Amgen's development is based too.


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