[Haskell-cafe] ANNOUNCE: Coadjute 0.0.1, generic build tool

Ilmari Vacklin ilmari.vacklin at cs.helsinki.fi
Sat Jan 17 19:17:07 EST 2009

2009/1/18 Matti Niemenmaa <matti.niemenmaa+news at iki.fi>:
> Announcing the release of Coadjute, version 0.0.1!


trying to build on GHC 6.10.1 I get:

Building regex-dfa-0.91...

    Could not find module `Data.IntMap':
      it is a member of package containers-, which is hidden
cabal: Error: some packages failed to install:
Coadjute-0.0.1 depends on regex-dfa-0.91 which failed to install.
regex-dfa-0.91 failed during the building phase. The exception was:
exit: ExitFailure 1

> Web site: http://iki.fi/matti.niemenmaa/coadjute/
> Hackage: http://hackage.haskell.org/cgi-bin/hackage-scripts/package/Coadjute
> Coadjute is a generic build tool, intended as an easier to use and more
> portable replacement for make. It's not tailored toward any particular
> language, and is not meant to replace tools which target a specific
> environment (such as ghc --make or Cabal, taking Haskell as an example).
> I've been sitting on this for a couple of months now and figured I might as
> well push it out since it seems to be in relative working order. I've used
> it on my web site since July and it hasn't resulted in data loss yet.
> Still, it's a 0.0 version so no guarantees. ;-)
> A bit of advertising:
>  Portability is striven towards in two ways:
>    * You don't have to deal with the idiosyncrasies of many make
>      implementations (well, people don't, but they call their GNU Make
>      files makefiles instead of GNUmakefiles, which causes
>      misunderstandings).
>    * You have Haskell at your disposal, and are encouraged to use that
>      whenever possible instead of system-specific binaries like the
>      POSIX commands we all know and love.
>  Comes with support for:
>    * Parallel task performing.
>    * Advanced out-of-dateness detection:
>        o Choice between timestamps and hashes.
>        o Keeping track of what arguments have been passed.
>    * Haskell!
> Have a look at the Haddock documentation for a few simple examples and do
> feel free to comment over at haskell-cafe—or privately, if that's your
> preference. Any kind of discussion is welcome!
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Ilmari Vacklin

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