[Haskell-cafe] Re: Type errors, would extensions help?

Mauricio briqueabraque at yahoo.com
Thu Jan 15 18:20:47 EST 2009

Thanks, everything works now.

What should I read to better understand the difference
for the type system between using <- and 'let'? That is
not intuitive for me.

About layout, I used to filter my code to better fit
everyone taste before posting to this list. The filter
stoped working due to some problems in 'Language.Haskell',
but I'll rewrite it with haskell-src-exts before
posting again.


> I suggest you start using "let" in your do blocks; both of these
> problems are solvable with let.
> Binding with <- instead of "let" makes the type system work harder,
> and will generally require type annotations & extensions for
> polymorphic results.  (...)

> Also, is there a reason you hate the layout rule and are using
> explicit semicolons everywhere?
>>>> I have this problem trying to define a function
>>>> inside a do expression. (...)

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