[Haskell-cafe] Haskell not ready for Foo [was: Re: Hypothetical Haskell job in New York]

Robert Greayer robgreayer at yahoo.com
Thu Jan 15 13:11:08 EST 2009

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From: John A. De Goes <john at n-brain.net>
On Jan 15, 2009, at 9:31 AM, John Goerzen wrote:
>> AFAIK, the only language where that sort of wheel reinvention is
>> popular is Java.  But then Java seems to encourage wheel reinvention
>> anyhow ;-)

> The Java reinventions look and feel like Java, because they're native implementations. 
> This is even more important in Haskell where the differences between 
> Haskell and C is about as large as you can get.

The Java reinventions largely exist because of the huge deployment-time benefits you get from pure-Java code (cross-platform portability of compiled (byte) code, dynamic loading of compiled code over a network, etc.).  Such reinventions are much less important for Haskell, since the typical deployment model for a Haskell program is much closer to that of a C program than a Java program or even a Python program.  


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