[Haskell-cafe] real haskell difficulties (at least for me)

Yitzchak Gale gale at sefer.org
Thu Jan 15 08:38:45 EST 2009

Duncan Coutts wrote:
> Detailed build reports with logs are not anonymous, clients will need an
> account on hackage (ie username and password).

Right. If we experience problems with that in the future,
we just have to make sure that it won't be too hard
to set up captcha.

> they'll either be obviously bogus

Aren't we talking about an automated system? If we don't
explicitly design for the possibility of hostile reports, any
automated recognition will be trivial to circumvent.

> or drowned out by the volume of legit reports.

Again, if this is automated, it is trivial generate the
required volume.


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