[Haskell-cafe] real haskell difficulties (at least for me)

Manlio Perillo manlio_perillo at libero.it
Thu Jan 15 07:26:44 EST 2009

Duncan Coutts ha scritto:
> [...]
>> This seems a good idea.
>> However, it is possible for a thirdy part user to submit build logs for 
>> a specific platform?
> Yes.

Ok, that's great!

>> In detail:
>> - The package author submit his package, and additional build logs
>>    for each platform he have access to
>> - Other users can submit additional build logs for their platform
>> I think, however, that a centralized system has its advantages.
>> As an example, a newly submitted package can be put in a 'incoming 
>> queue', and moved to the final destination only if it builds (and tests 
>> succeed) on all the supported platforms.
> What we really want is both. We want to let random users on random
> platforms submit simple anonymous build reports (no logs).
> In addition since any client can upload reports we can set up a number
> of dedicated clients that will build every new package in a chroot and
> upload non-anonymous detailed build reports with build logs.

Since nowdays virtual machines are very affordable, it would be nice to 
have a set of standard virtual system images, preconfigured to run Cabal 
installation process.

So that when I compile a package on my system, Cabal can be instructed to:
1) Start each virtual machine on the system
2) Submit the package to each machine an get the report
3) Stop each virtual machine

Is this a feasible task?

The only "problem" is with proprietary operating systems like Windows 
and Mac OS, where pre-configured systems can not be provided.

 > [...]

Manlio Perillo

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