[Haskell-cafe] unfoldr [ANN: HLint 1.2]

Henning Thielemann lemming at henning-thielemann.de
Mon Jan 12 15:04:35 EST 2009

On Mon, 12 Jan 2009, Andrew Coppin wrote:

> Off the top of my head, try this:
> convert b 0 = []
> convert b n = n `mod` b : convert b (n `div` b)
> (Takes a number and yields the radix-B representation of it. Backwards.)
> convert b = unfoldr (\n -> if n > 0 then Just (n `mod` b, n `div` b) else Nothing)

I have the nice function 'toMaybe' which simplifies this to:
   unfoldr (\n -> toMaybe (n>0) (n `mod` b, n `div` b))

Maybe HLint can also suggest non-base functions? ;-)


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