[Haskell-cafe] Re: ANN: HLint 1.2

Juan Antonio Zaratiegui Vallecillo, a.k.a. Zara zara at coit.es
Mon Jan 12 08:57:50 EST 2009

Neil Mitchell escribió:
> Hi
>> Does GHC specialize map?  If it doesn't, then hand crafted version
>> could be faster.
> GHC doesn't specialize map, and a hand-crafted one could be faster -
> but you then wouldn't get foldr/build fusion. In general HLint tries
> to make the code prettier, but sometimes you will need to deviate from
> its suggestions when you've profiled etc. To stop HLint warning you
> just create Hints.hs and include the line "ignore =
> LennartsSuperFastModule.mySpecialisedMap" - full details in the
> manual.

I am really happy with HLint. Being relatively new to haskell world, I
tend to be slow in finding ready-made solutions, or using folds fot
recursive tasks.

HLint 1.0 discovers `on` for me, and only for that I will be infinitely

Now, if HLint 1.2 helps me with the map/fold understanding, I will be
'continuous infinitely' grateful (although real numbers are not

Best regards,


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