[Haskell-cafe] ANN: bytestring-trie 0.1.4

wren ng thornton wren at freegeek.org
Sun Jan 11 22:22:29 EST 2009

-- bytestring-trie 0.1.4

Another release for efficient finite maps from (byte)strings to values. 
Equal parts bugfix release and real release. This upgrade is suggested 
for all users and is what 0.1.0 should have been.

-- Changes (since 0.1.2)

* Fixed a number of obscure bugs when "" is used as a key.

* Added keys and toListBy (which generalizes toList, keys,...). Also did 
some optimization of toListBy so it shouldn't be as egregiously 
inefficient as it was before.

* Added fromListL, fromListR, and fromListS to Data.Trie.Convenience 
along with notes about when each is more efficient than the others.

* Separated Data.Trie (the main module for users) from 
Data.Trie.Internal (gritty details, and core implementation). Data.Trie 
re-exports most of Data.Trie.Internal so this is primarily a cosmetic 
change. The showTrie and lookupBy_ functions are no longer exported from 
Data.Trie however.

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Haddock (Darcs version):


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