[Haskell-cafe] ANN: Haskell BLAS bindings version 0.7

Patrick Perry patperry at stanford.edu
Sat Jan 10 05:16:05 EST 2009

New version!

The blas package is a set of bindings to the BLAS (Basic Linear Algebra
Subprograms) library.

On Hackage:


What's new:

* Get rid of most functional dependencies in favor of type families.
   There is one remaining functional dependency that cannot be gotten
   rid of until GHC implements equality constraints in superclass
* Put the right superclass constraints in  ReadMatrix/ReadBanded.
* Fix freeze/thaw functions.  They used to be awkward to use.
* Fix a bug in getting a row view of a banded matrix.
* Make sure no NaNs/Infinities/Denormals are used when testing.
* Documentation.
* Export functions for writing QuickCheck tests.
* Remove Perm and Diag.  These will be in the LAPACK bindings.
* Get rid of "UnsafeIOToM" type class.
* Lots of INLINE everywhere.  This will improve performance (?)
* Switch to autoconf for build system.

Requisite blog post:


Not much example code.  Here's some old stuff:


Thanks for listening.  Any feedback is always welcome.


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