[Haskell-cafe] ideas for a phd in the area of paralleism?

Michael Lesniak michael.lesniak at gmail.com
Wed Jan 7 04:35:25 EST 2009


currently I'm searching for a topic for my phd-thesis or at least for
a workshop-paper (as a starting point, to get my feet wet...). My
academic group has specialized itself on (practical, i.e. not too
theoretical stuff like verification, etc...) parallel programming and
related topics, so my future thesis has to be in this area, but as
long as its related I'm free to choose whatever I want.

Since I've been interested in FP in general for a few years as a
"private hobby" and since Haskell has as a pure language a lot of
potential in the area of parallelism, and it's community (esp.
#haskell and this list) is really nice and supportive I'd like to do
something in this area; I've been hacking in Haskell more intensive
for about six month now.

I've looked at the different parallelism/concurrency models in Haskell
(dph, gph, nested data parallelism) and (after a preliminary
overview-reading) it seems that a lot of research has already been
done on the basic topics, except for distributed Haskell, where I
could not found current papers (i.e. newer than ~2003).

If anyone could give me further advice, tips, or hints in general,
what could be interesting or where I should take a more deeper look to
find a niche I'd really be thankful (and you'll get a special thanks
in my foreword in 3 years! ;-)).

Best regards,

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University of Kassel
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