[Haskell-cafe] bug in HPDF?

Roman Cheplyaka roma at ro-che.info
Tue Jan 6 13:24:05 EST 2009

Here is a program which illustrates an unexpected behaviour:

  import Graphics.PDF

  main = runPdf "bug.pdf" standardDocInfo (PDFRect 0 0 100 100) pdf
      pdf = do
          p <- addPage Nothing
          drawWithPage p $ drawText $
              sequence $ replicate 10 $
                text (PDFFont Helvetica 10) 10 10 (toPDFString "ABC")

What I expect here is "ABC" printed 10 times on the same place (starting
at (10,10)). What I see (in Okular) is ABC printed each time in the new
place like this:


What's happening here? I'm using HPDF-1.4.1 from Hackage.

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