[Haskell-cafe] Haskell, successing crossplatform API standart: first feedback

Belka lambda-belka at yandex.ru
Sun Jan 4 14:59:38 EST 2009

Thanks everybody for your responses, they helped a lot. And sorry for my
misconcept on JSON. ;]

Sterling Clover, Nov 30, 2008:
>These days, however, web services seem to be moving towards a RESTful  
>model with a JSON layer and there are plenty of JSON libraries on  
>hackage, which you could just throw over the fastCGI bindings.  
>Alternately you could try JSON over one of the really lightweight  
>haskell web servers, such as shed [2] or lucu [3]. If you go the  
>atter route, I'd love to hear how it went.

So here is my first feedback. I hope that's something like an introduction
to my futher feedbacks.

1. I started with HAppS. But found it lacking some good definitions.
Moreover, I'm still a newbie and not yet confident with monads, so when I
accidently saw this: "Author's Note: Due to my inexperience with Monads,
these explanations are probably lacking. Feel free to improve them." (HAppS
tutorial2, sect. 1.1), I felt myself standing on a risky ground, where the
risk is to get Monads wronger than wrong. So I decided to check Lucu and
return to HAppS later (when I'm "invincible").

2. I loved Lucu, and feel respect to it's developer. The code is nice and
tidy, one can feel good style in it. Looks like Lucu author achieved great
technique in Haskell, knew, how to use Monads and laziness in full power.  
However I still didn't understand some aspects (simply becase of lacking
I sucessfully managed to write a helloworld which connected to DB and
provided simple WEB interface.

3. I also tried shed httpd, which is the most minimalistic WEB server. This
looks like the best start for a newbie, who isn't confident with monads yet.
I manager a small comparison of Lucu and Shed responce times - Lucu was 2
times faster for 1 simple query, which returned 5 rows from small DB.

Now I'm planning 
1. To try some modification of Lucu, so it has a DB connection in it's
environment and some basic triggering (providing conditioned actions after
WEB interaction process). 
2. Implement one simple project on it. 

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