[Haskell-cafe] databases in Haskell & type-safety

Gour gour at mail.inet.hr
Sat Jan 3 04:48:44 EST 2009


I'd like to use sqlite3 as application storage in my haskell project...

Browsing the available database options in Haskell it seems that:

a) HSQL is dead (hackage reports build-failure with 6.8 & 6.10)

b) haskelldb is also not in a good shape - build fails with 6.8 & 6.10

For Haskell-newbie as myself, it looks that haskelldb is the one which
provide(ed)s the most secure API (I was reading draft paper about
MetaHDBC but, apparently, the type inference support in open-source
databases is poor and that's why, according to the author "This is
unfortunately as it makes MetaHDBC a lot less valuable." 

What remains is:

c) Takusen which is also not up-to-date (it fails with 6.10) and

d) HDBC and sqlite bindings which are the only packages which build with

However options in d) do not offer, afaik, type-safety which is emblem of
Haskell language, so I wonder how much this could be the problem for
real-world usage?

So, considering that HDBC nicely abstracts API enabling one to easily
switch from e.g. Sqlite3 to Postgres, and it is used as in example for
database programming, it seems as logical (and the only) choice for
Haskell database programming in a real-world?

I'm not familiar with Takusen which says: "Takusen's unique selling
point is safety and efficiency..." and I would appreciate if someone
could shed some more light to its 'safety' and the present status?



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