[Haskell-cafe] Re: Incremental array updates

Eugene Kirpichov ekirpichov at gmail.com
Fri Feb 27 08:42:03 EST 2009

I'm exactly basing on them, but they don't have at least these things:
 - Monad-mutable collections like MArray
 - Instances of something like Assoc for arrays (arrays are
collections in some sense, after all)
 - Treatment for unboxed types (I don't know yet, whether it is
needed; but why do STUArrays have special treatment then?)

It's not that I am in desperate need for these, but making the
already-good collection API even better sounds like fun :)

Actually, it started with me writing a monad-mutable hashtable and
thinking about what its interface should be, so probably I should just
upload the hashtable to hackage as is and look what comes next :)

2009/2/27 Bulat Ziganshin <bulat.ziganshin at gmail.com>:
> Hello Eugene,
> Thursday, February 26, 2009, 10:28:13 PM, you wrote:
>> Thanks, I'll have a look at these. Treating unboxed stuff
>> polymorphically is anyways very interesting and would be good to use
>> in collections API that has been recently discussed (and which I
>> occasionally try to continue inventing with scarce success :-/ ).
> does this mean that type classes from Edison and Container (Collection?)
> libraries are not good enough or you don't checked them?
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