[Haskell-cafe] popularity context with Cabal

Manlio Perillo manlio_perillo at libero.it
Wed Feb 25 18:06:45 EST 2009


Debian some time ago introduced the popularity context, to find the most 
installed/used packages:

Is it possible to do something similar with Cabal?

 From popularity-context FAQ:
"For each package, popularity-contest looks at the most recently used
(based on atime) files, and reports the filename, its last access time
(atime) and last change time (ctime). However, some files are not
considered, because they have unreliable atime."

"A computer 'vote' for a package if according to the data provided in 
the report, a program provided or depending on the package was used less 
than thirty days ago. This computation is performed by the popcon server."

Manlio Perillo

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