[Haskell-cafe] MPTC inheritance

Derek Gladding derek at solidmath.com
Tue Feb 24 13:09:12 EST 2009

Please forgive me if I'm still mentally contaminated by the OO way of 
seeing (and discussing) the universe, but I'm trying to figure out how 
to "inherit an interface" from a multi-parameter type class.

I have a Graph class that's parameterisable by Node and Edge type:

class (Node a, Edge b) => Graph a b where
     (lots of stuff that you can do with Graph a b)

Now, I'd like to build a FooGraph on top of this that adds additional 

class (Graph a b) => FooGraph a b where
     (lots of additional stuff)

but this isn't allowed (kind mismatch).

Of couse, I can do:

class (Node a, Edge b) => FooGraph a b

but this means that I have to manually replicate the Graph a b 
operations in the FooGraph a b class definition, which is (a) work that 
the machine should (?) be able to do for me, and (b) fragile.

Any pointers / wisdom would be very much appreciated.

- Derek

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