[Haskell-cafe] controlling timeout for Network.Socket.connect - how?

Belka lambda-belka at yandex.ru
Sat Feb 21 14:26:51 EST 2009

Hello, communion people!

I have a problem and ask for an advice. 
I'm dealing with sockets on *Linux* platform (Network.Socket). The problem
is that I can't fully control timeout for (connect :: Socket -> SockAddr ->
IO ()) operation. 
On my system the timeout is - 3 seconds - I want to be able to change that
in run-time. Well I managed to find out how to make it LESS THAN 3 seconds -
using System.Timeout. But how to make timeout bigger (for example 9 seconds)
is a mystery.
(Notice: in order to achieve 9 seconds timeout - just repeating *connect* 3
times won't be effective for long-slow-way-connections. So it's not a

The source code of Network.Socket.connect, taken from darcs:
-- Connecting a socket
-- Make a connection to an already opened socket on a given machine
-- and port.  assumes that we have already called createSocket,
-- otherwise it will fail.
-- This is the dual to $bindSocket$.  The {\em server} process will
-- usually bind to a port number, the {\em client} will then connect
-- to the same port number.  Port numbers of user applications are
-- normally agreed in advance, otherwise we must rely on some meta
-- protocol for telling the other side what port number we have been
-- allocated.

connect :: Socket	-- Unconnected Socket
	-> SockAddr 	-- Socket address stuff
	-> IO ()

connect sock@(MkSocket s _family _stype _protocol socketStatus) addr = do
 modifyMVar_ socketStatus $ \currentStatus -> do
 if currentStatus /= NotConnected 
   ioError (userError ("connect: can't peform connect on socket in status "
         show currentStatus))
  else do
   withSockAddr addr $ \p_addr sz -> do

   let  connectLoop = do
       	   r <- c_connect s p_addr (fromIntegral sz)
       	   if r == -1
       	       then do 
		       rc <- c_getLastError
		       case rc of
		         10093 -> do -- WSANOTINITIALISED
			   withSocketsDo (return ())
	       	           r <- c_connect s p_addr (fromIntegral sz)
	       	           if r == -1
			    then (c_getLastError >>= throwSocketError "connect")
			    else return r
			 _ -> throwSocketError "connect" rc
       	       else return r

	connectBlocked = do 
#if !defined(__HUGS__)
	   threadWaitWrite (fromIntegral s)
	   err <- getSocketOption sock SoError
	   if (err == 0)
	   	then return 0
	   	else do ioError (errnoToIOError "connect" 
	   			(Errno (fromIntegral err))
	   			Nothing Nothing)

   return Connected

I know that controlling timeout is somehow connected to select(2) (I'm
currently investigating this matter...), but it's not in the Network or
Network.Socket libs (but in the libs that they FFI with). 
Hope I won't have to rewrite these low-level functions.... >__<
Could anybody, please share some experience on how to adjust timeout for

Thanks in advance,
Best regards,
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