[Haskell-cafe] Hoogle and Network.Socket

Magnus Therning magnus at therning.org
Sat Feb 21 05:09:50 EST 2009

Neil Mitchell wrote:
> Hi
>> 1) Show all the functions (when the number is low), but place platform
>> specific functions under separate headers: "Windows",
>> "Linux/BSD/POSIX", "OS X", etc.
> If a function isn't available on all OS's then all Hoogle would be
> encouraging you to do is break compatibility and stop me from using
> your software. If a function is only available on one OS you will
> certainly have to deliberately choose to search for that, and it will
> never show up by default.

I see your point, but why make Hoogle less usable for people interested
in writing platform-specific software in Haskell?  Will you really ever
be interested in running a tool that "debianises" a cabalised Haskell

I've on several occasions been irritated that hoogle doesn't cover
platform-specific APIs.  I've written platform-specific software for
both Windows (e.g. pretty-printing SDDL) and Linux/Unix (e.g.
ptrace-based debugging) and in both cases I'm bitten by this lack in
hoogle.  Since then I've found Hayoo! and have partly switched to using
it instead.

> For what shows up by default I more meant other packages. Should
> Gtk2hs show up by default? What about tagsoup? What about base? Things
> like Win32 will never show up by default.

IMHO hoogle should show all standard libraries (x-platform and platform
specific) as well as _everything_ on hackage.  This would of course mean
that the UI must show whether a function is x-platform or not.


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