[Haskell-cafe] garbage collector woes

Chris Waterson waterson at maubi.net
Tue Feb 17 15:22:24 EST 2009

I'm at wits end with respect to GHC's garbage collector and would very
much appreciate a code review of my MySQL driver for HDBC, which is


In particular, the problem that I'm having is that my "statements"
(really, just iterators over a SQL query result set) are getting
garbage collected prematurely.

I've included the source for the relevant functions below.  The first
is newStatement, which creates a new HDBC Statement record (an elided
version, below):

 > newStatement :: ForeignPtr MYSQL -> String -> IO Types.Statement
 > newStatement mysql__ query = withForeignPtr mysql__ $ \mysql_ -> do
 >   stmt_ <- mysql_stmt_init mysql_
 >   ...
 >   stmt__ <- newForeignPtr mysql_stmt_close stmt_
 >   ...
 >   return $ Types.Statement
 >              {
 >              , Types.fetchRow       = fetchRow mysql__ stmt__ results
 >              }

The mysql_stmt_init function is the MySQL C API that creates a new
statement record.  Its result must be freed by mysql_stmt_close, and
therefore is wrapped with a ForeignPtr appropriately.  The fetchRow
function is part of the HDBC Statement API, and its signature is:

 > fetchRow :: IO (Maybe [SqlValue])

I.e., it retrieves the next row from the result set and returns the
column values as a list.  The "results" parameter is not relevant to
this discussion: it maintains the buffers used for storage of the
column values.

The next function of interest is my implementation of fetchRow, copied
in its entirety, below:

 > fetchRow :: ForeignPtr MYSQL -> ForeignPtr MYSQL_STMT -> [MYSQL_BIND]
 >    -> IO (Maybe [Types.SqlValue])
 > fetchRow mysql__ stmt__ results =
 >   withForeignPtr mysql__ $ \_ ->
 >       withForeignPtr stmt__ $ \stmt_ -> do
 >           rv <- mysql_stmt_fetch stmt_
 >           case rv of
 >             0                             -> row
 >             #{const MYSQL_DATA_TRUNCATED} -> row
 >             #{const MYSQL_NO_DATA}        -> return Nothing
 >             _                             -> statementError stmt_
 >     where row = mapM cellValue results >>= \cells -> return $ Just  

It unwraps the ForeignPtrs and invokes the mysql_stmt_fetch C API with
the native MYSQL_STMT structure, causing the column values for the
next row to get bound into storage areas that we can convert to
Haskell values.

Typically, this code gets invoked in the generic HDBC layer by the
fetchAllRows routine, which looks like this:

 > fetchAllRows :: Statement -> IO [[SqlValue]]
 > fetchAllRows sth = unsafeInterleaveIO $
 >     do row <- fetchRow sth
 >        case row of
 >          Nothing -> return []
 >          Just x -> do remainder <- fetchAllRows sth
 >                       return (x : remainder)

The sth argument is simply an instance of the Statement record that
I've returned from low-level MySQL driver.

This all works, except...

The behavior that I'm seeing is that the ForeignPtr to the native
MYSQL_STMT struct has become unreachable after some number of
iterations of the above loop.  This causes mysql_stmt_close to be
invoked, and subsequent calls to mysql_stmt_fetch fail with an error.

Curiously, if I replace

 >   stmt__ <- newForeignPtr mysql_stmt_close stmt_


 >   stmt__ <- newForeignPtr_ stmt_

in my newStatement routine (i.e., so that mysql_stmt_close is never
called), then fetchAllRows will merrily fetch all the rows from my
statement handle.  The down side, of course, being that I'll leak
statement handles.

So, I'm completely puzzled as to how I can continue to extract values
from the apparently unreachable pointer!

Using System.Mem.Weak, I've verified that:

   * The Statement record that I return from newStatement becomes

   * The applied value of fetchRow becomes unreachable; e.g.:

       let r = fetchRow mysql__ stmt__ results
       addFinalizer r $ putStrLn "r is unreachable!"

I'm not sure how this can be, given that fetchAllRows appears to be
explicitly maintaining a reference to sth, which in turn ought to
reference my fetchRow application.

I've created a test program that directly invokes my driver code the
same way that the generic HDBC layer does, and have verified that the
lack of "-fno-cse" with unsafeInterleaveIO in the generic HDBC module
is not relevant.  I was similarly able to verify that this problem
occurs with "-O0", so it's not due to any particular GHC optimization.

Any thoughts on how to debug this would be greatly appreciated!

Thanks in advance,

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