[Haskell-cafe] Re: [Haskell] ANNOUNCE: first Grapefruit release

Wolfgang Jeltsch g9ks157k at acme.softbase.org
Tue Feb 17 11:58:25 EST 2009

Am Dienstag, 17. Februar 2009 17:18 schrieben Sie:
> I'm glad that FRP isn't still alive and kicking.

You are glad that FRP is *not* alive? Okay, this was a typo, wasn’t it? ;-) 

> I hope you will support wxHAskell in the near future. I tried wxFruit and I
> liked it, but it isn't complete and it is not in development. I tried
> GTK2HS, but it was too buggy (probably because of the Windows version of
> GTK+, Cairo was quite buggy to), so I switched to wxHaskell.

Well, I have no plans myself to create a wxHaskell UI backend, basically for 
one reason: wxWidgets tries to implement the same API using different native 
UI libs for getting native look and feel. However, when I last checked, it 
didn’t seem to do this very well. So I decided to implement the multi-toolkit 
feature directly in Grapefruit.

If you have problems with Gtk2Hs on Windows, it might be better to write a 
Win32-based backend for Grapefruit instead of a wxWidgets-based one. What do 
you think about that?

Best wishes,

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