[Haskell-cafe] Amazing

Ketil Malde ketil at malde.org
Mon Feb 16 04:29:57 EST 2009

"Michael D. Adams" <mdmkolbe at gmail.com> writes:

>>> A bit hurray for strong typing!
> Don't forget Algebraic Data Types.  Those seem to also avoid many of
> the sorts of errors that you would see in OO or struct-based (i.e. C)
> programming.

I think the combination of algebraic data types and strong typing is
very potent.  Good data modeling lets you build data types that
encode/model the legal/valid domain for the data in your application.
The narrower your data model, the less room for nonsensical programs.

Strong typing enforces the limitations in the data model, and prevents
programmers from cheating.

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