[Haskell-cafe] Another point-free question (>>=, join, ap)

Conor McBride conor at strictlypositive.org
Fri Feb 13 10:25:47 EST 2009

Hi Edsko

On 13 Feb 2009, at 09:14, Edsko de Vries wrote:

> Hey,
> Thanks for all the suggestions. I was hoping that there was some  
> uniform
> pattern that would extend to n arguments (rather than having to use
> liftM2, litM3, etc. or have different 'application' operators in  
> between
> the different arguments); perhaps not. Oh well :)

Will this do?


You get to write

   iI f a1 a2 a3 Ji


   do x1 <- a1
      x2 <- a2
      x3 <- a3
      f a1 a2 a3

amongst other things...



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