[Haskell-cafe] Can this be done?

Manlio Perillo manlio_perillo at libero.it
Wed Feb 11 11:05:54 EST 2009

John Goerzen ha scritto:
> [...]
> There were also issues with people using the back button.
> It reminded me a fair bit of the issues I ran into when using Python's
> Twisted framework, actually.

Same experience, with Twisted Web + Nevow.
All solved after switching to WSGI and a simple WSGI framework (wrote by 

Configuration and behaviour (middlewares) are all composable.

The only thing I miss is a "little" higher level of abstraction.
Right now I operate on "request bodies" (in a text format, usually 
text/html) but I would like to operate on generic "response entities", 
where an entity is a generic object/data that can be serialized to a 
request body.

This will allow an even greater degree of composability, where each web 
"view" returns a generic entity, that can be later transformed to 
another object/data (filtered) or serialized (to JSON or HTML).

I think that Haskell is one of the most suitable languages for this 
idea, but there is the need for the equivalent of WSGI.

> -- John


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