[Haskell-cafe] Re: The Haskell re-branding exercise

Richard Kelsall r.kelsall at millstream.com
Mon Feb 9 08:48:32 EST 2009

Simon Marlow wrote:
> I suggest we do voting by email, and restrict voting to those who have 
> ever posted on haskell-cafe before 1 Jan 2009.  We could then have an 
> auto-confirmation scheme similar to mailing list sign-up where the 
> confirmation message is sent back to the originator to confirm their 
> identity, containing a verification link to click on.
> I realise there are flaws in this, but it seems to be (a) cheap to 
> implement and participate in, and (b) good enough.

That sounds better than my Haskell Wiki verification method.


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