[Haskell-cafe] Haddock Markup

Khudyakov Alexey alexey.skladnoy at gmail.com
Sat Feb 7 07:46:00 EST 2009

On Friday 06 February 2009 13:31:34 George Pollard wrote:
> My comment isn't related to the wider implications of third-party
> hooks into Haddock, but just for the (La?)TeX stuff itself.
> I think that the TeX *language* is great for writing mathematics,
> but that we should be wary of blindly incorporating TeX *output*
> into Haddock.
> Most of Haddock's documentation is currently HTML-based, and
> if we add TeX mathematics in the usual way (i.e. embedding images)
> it is very ‘inaccessible content’ (no selection, scaling, and a myriad
> of other small niggles) compared to the rest of the HTML file.
> My thoughts would be to use the TeX engine itself for when generating
> high-quality PDF documentation, and have something else translate TeX
> to (e.g.) MathML for the HTML pages. There are various programs to do this
> (or it could be done in Haskell :D!)
> Thanks,
> - George

I think MathML is much less accessible than images. Yes, there are problems 
with them but any browser is able to display them save for text based ones. 
MathML on contrary doesn't have much support. According to wikipedia only 
recent versions of gecko based browsers and opera >=9.5 can do this. For IE 
special plugin is required (MathPlayer). I believe image are safest way at 
least for now. 

  Khudyakov Alexey

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