[Haskell-cafe] Switching from Mercurial to Darcs

Tristan Seligmann mithrandi at mithrandi.net
Sat Feb 7 04:13:55 EST 2009

* Henning Thielemann <lemming at henning-thielemann.de> [2009-02-05 23:34:53 +0100]:

> Peter Verswyvelen schrieb:
> > 3) hg addrem
> > this adds new files and removes deleted files from local repos.
> > forgetting to add files is a common problem, and is really tricky since
> > no record is made of these files, so if after a couple of versions if a
> > developer finds out a file was missing, the history is useless since you
> > can't reconstruct the old content of that local file anymore, and often
> > it's impossible to give the local file to the other developers since it
> > might be changed. I actually would like to have an option that
> > automatically adds/deletes files on each commit, as it is easier to
> > delete a file after it is checked in, than it is to reconstruct an old
> > version from a local file you forgot to add.
> I'm also not glad with darcs behaviour about non-added files. You can try
> darcs whatsnew --look-for-adds

You can also pass --look-for-adds (-l) to darcs record; if you want this
to be the default behaviour, you could add "record look-for-adds" to
~/.darcs/defaults or similar.

> > 4) hg commit -m "message"
> > this commits my changes locally. I always do this before pulling since
> > then I'm sure my changes are saved in the case a merge goes wrong.
> In old darcs its precisely the other way round. Since it is so slow on
> merging ready patches, you better merge uncrecorded changes.

This sounds like bad advice; merging changes with locally unrecorded
changes shouldn't be any less expensive than merging them with a
just-recorded patch (the algorithm is exactly the same, after all,
unless there's something I've missed), and you have no way to roll
things back if you don't record a patch before merging.

Of course, you may want to unrecord your temporary patch after you've
pulled, to keep your patch history neater.
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