[Haskell-cafe] Are you using Haskell on the job?

Kirk Martinez kirk.martinez at gmail.com
Fri Feb 6 14:49:01 EST 2009

Hello, fellow Haskell hackers!  I am writing a term paper on Haskell in
Business, and while I have gathered a lot of good information on the
Internet, I would really like direct feedback from software professionals
who have used Haskell in a business setting.  I would really appreciate a
few minutes of your time to provide insights gained from applying Haskell in
the real world.  Who knows, this could lead to a greater adoption of Haskell
in the business community!

Rather than a list of Haskell's technical strengths (purity, laziness,
composition, etc.), I want to get a sense of the process leading up to the
decision to use Haskell for a given project and the insights gained during
and after completion.  I am particularly interested in questions related to
*business value*:

   - What were the pros and cons you considered when choosing a language?  Why
   FP?  Why Haskell?
   - What aspects of your problem domain were most critical to making that
   - How has using Haskell given you a competitive advantage?
   - How is the software development lifecycle positively/negatively
   affected by using Haskell as opposed to a different language?
   - How did you convince management to go with a functional approach?
   - Was the relative scarcity of Haskell programmers a problem?  If so, how
   was it managed?
   - Would you choose to use Haskell again for a similar project given what
   you know now?

The best responses will not simply list answers, but also provide background
and a bit of narrative on the project and insights gained.  Feel free to
reply to the list, or just to me personally if you prefer.  My email is

Thank you,

Kirk Martinez

(Kirk dot Martinez at gmail dot com)
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