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Fri Feb 6 04:05:36 EST 2009

Hello Malcolm,

Friday, February 6, 2009, 11:49:56 AM, you wrote:

>> gpu is just set of simd-like instructions. so the reason why you will
>> never see haskell on gpu is the same as why you will never see it
>> implemented via simd instructions :D

> Because SIMD/GPU deals only with numbers, not pointers, you will not  
> see much _symbolic_ computation being offloaded to these arithmetic  
> units.  But there are still great opportunities to improve Haskell's  
> speed at numerics using them.  And some symbolic problems can be  
> encoded using integers.

are you learned gpu asm? the *only* type of problems it can
effectively run is massive-parallel computations. you can run anything
on it, but much slower that on cpu

> There are at least two current (but incomplete) projects in this area:
> Sean Lee at UNSW has targetted Data Parallel Haskell for an Nvidia  
> GPGPU, and Joel Svensson at Chalmers is developing a Haskell-embedded
> language for GPU programming called Obsidian.

key word here *parallel*, i.e. simd computations

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