[Haskell-cafe] Crash using GHCi and GHC API under Windows

Peter Verswyvelen bugfact at gmail.com
Thu Feb 5 05:43:52 EST 2009

We have a program that uses the GHC API to dynamically compile and run new
We're using GHC 6.10.1

Under GHCi it works fine under OSX, but when running it on Windows, I get

Loading package ghc-prim ...

GHCi runtime linker: fatal error: I found a duplicate definition for symbol
whilst processing object file
This could be caused by:
   * Loading two different object files which export the same symbol
   * Specifying the same object file twice on the GHCi command line
   * An incorrect `package.conf' entry, causing some object to be
     loaded twice.
GHCi cannot safely continue in this situation.  Exiting now.  Sorry.

When compiling the program using GHC --make, it runs fine

Is this a know issue? Other people encountered this?

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