[Haskell-cafe] Elegant & powerful replacement for CSS

Jake McArthur jake at pikewerks.com
Tue Feb 3 16:42:24 EST 2009

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Patai Gergely wrote:
| Well, if you think about CSS as in webpage styling, it's simply a way to
| override some attributes in the DOM tree. If you will, you can easily
| relate CSS selectors to your semantic editor combinators, since a
| concrete stylesheet makes explicit references to the structure of the
| document/interface it is associated with. One important difference is
| that in the case of CSS you don't need to mention all the intermediate
| nodes explicitly, which can make selectors shorter as well as
| "non-deterministic", i.e. they can match different structural patterns
| at the same time. Also, you can perform a kind of pattern matching
| (filtering by class/id names) besides just blindly walking down the tree
| along the type structure. I'd say these two features make it a direct
| generalisation of the SEC concept.

This reminds me of Scrap Your Boilerplate. Perhaps looking at SYB would
be a reasonable start to generalizing SECs in this context?

- - Jake
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