[Haskell-cafe] ANN: regex-xmlschema

Uwe Schmidt si at fh-wedel.de
Sun Feb 1 07:37:50 EST 2009

I'm pleased to announce (yet another) package for
processing text with regular expressions: regex-xmlschema

The W3C XML Schema specification (http://www.w3.org/TR/xmlschema11-2/#regexs)
defines a language for regular expressions. This language is used in the
XML Schema spec when defining the data type library part.

This regex-xmlschema package contains a complete implementation of this spec.
It is implemented with the technique of derivations of regular expression.

Main features are:
* full support of Unicode including all Unicode code blocks
  and character properties
* a purely functional interface
* 100% Haskell, no other packages except parsec needed
* cabal build file
* extensions for intersection, set difference, exclusive or and interleave
  of regular sets (regular expressions),
* extensions for subexpression matches
* functions for matching, for grep like searching,
  for stream like editing (sed like) and for tokenizing.

With this package, it becomes rather easy to build lightweight tokenizers
e.g. for colourizing arbitrary programming languages, like hscolor does it
for Haskell.

The package is available from Hackage:
there's a darcs repo for the latest source:
and a wiki page, describing the extension and giving some examples
for using the library:




Uwe Schmidt
FH Wedel

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