[Haskell-cafe] semantics of type synonym

pbrowne Patrick.Browne at comp.dit.ie
Tue Dec 29 11:04:52 EST 2009

Stefan Holdermans wrote:
>> It seems that I need to distinguish between a theory for Haskell and a
>> given implementation (GHCi). 
> What do you mean by this?

>From the responses to my query, it seems that I cannot rely totally on
the compiler for my research question which is concerned with the
meaning of Haskell constructs I will have to consult the Haskell Report.

>> Why are the GHCi commands :t "ww"  and :t getName("ww") not a valid type
>> checks?
> I am not sure what you mean by this.

lutz at iks-jena.de wrote;
> And you do not even check for the type of "ww".
> :t snd . (\x -> (getName x, x)) $ "ww"
> ... :: String

>From the above, I though perhaps that my checks were not valid tests for
the type of the expressions.


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