[Haskell-cafe] Re: Generating AST using Parsec

Maciej Piechotka uzytkownik2 at gmail.com
Sun Dec 27 12:19:35 EST 2009

On Sun, 2009-12-27 at 02:18 -0800, CK Kashyap wrote:
> Hi All,
> I recently came across the paper titled "Monadic Parser Combinators" - After going through it a few times, I think I am beginning to understand monads.
> However, the parser developed in the paper does not generate an AST - I feel, I'd grasp the whole thing a lot better if I could go over a sample that generates an AST from a simple expression (or even a standard language such as C or Java) ... Can someone please point me to a sample that generates AST - preferably with the simple parser combinator given in the paper.
> Regards,
> Kashyap

It parses something like "x+y+z*pi"

import Control.Applicative
import Text.ParserCombinators.Parsec hiding ((<|>))

data Expr = Variable String
          | Add Expr Expr
          | Mul Expr Expr deriving (Show)

parseAST :: Parser Expr
parseAST = parseAdd

parseAdd :: Parser Expr
parseAdd = parseMul >>= \e -> ((string "+" >> (Add e <$> parseAdd)) <|>
                               (return e))

parseMul :: Parser Expr
parseMul = parseBase >>= \e -> ((string "*" >> (Mul e <$> parseMul)) <|>
                                (return e))

parseBase :: Parser Expr
parseBase = (string "(" *> parseAST <* string ")") <|>
            (Variable <$> many1 letter)


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