[Haskell-cafe] ANN: Hemkay, the 100% Haskell MOD player

Vladimir Zlatanov vlado at dikini.net
Thu Dec 24 05:58:26 EST 2009

> However, there seems to be a conflict between the nature of mixing and
> stream processing when it comes to efficiency. As it turns out, it's
> more efficient to process channels one by one within a chunk instead of
> producing samples one by one. It takes a lot less context switching to
> first generate the output of channel 1, then generate channel 2 (and
> simultaneously add it to the mix) and so on, than to mix sample 1 of all
> channels, then sample 2 etc., since we can write much tighter loops when
> we only deal with one channel at a time. On the other hand, stream
> fusion is naturally fit to generate samples one by one. It looks like
> the general solution requires a fusable transpose operation, otherwise
> we're back to hand-coding the mixer. Have you found a satisfying
> solution to this problem?

I wonder if data-parallel haskell won't be able to help here, mod
rendering is a
scatter-gather style of processing, the problem is that the different channels
trigger different processing.

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