[Haskell-cafe] How can i set the seed random number generator ?

zaxis z_axis at 163.com
Mon Dec 21 20:37:30 EST 2009

In erlang, first i use the following function to set the seed:
new_seed() ->
    {_,_,X} = erlang:now(),
    {H,M,S} = time(),
    H1 = H * X rem 32767,
    M1 = M * X rem 32767,
    S1 = S * X rem 32767,
    put(random_seed, {H1,M1,S1}).

then use random:uniform/1 to get the random number.

In haskell, i just use the following function to get the random number. It
seems i donot need to set the seed of random number generator manually?

rollDice ::  Int -> IO Int
rollDice n = randomRIO(1,n)


fac n = foldr (*) 1 [1..n]
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