[Haskell-cafe] Largest types in SYB

Paul Keir pkeir at dcs.gla.ac.uk
Fri Dec 18 11:47:48 EST 2009

I was looking for a simple generic technique targeting and transforming
the "largest" terms of a particular type. For example, with Expr and
Val declared as:

data Expr = Val Val | Add Expr Expr | Sub Expr Expr
  deriving (Show, Eq, Typeable, Data)

data Val = Var String | Struct [Expr]
  deriving (Show, Eq, Typeable, Data)

and a test Expr "e",

e = Sub (Val $ Var "A")
        (Add (Val $ Var "X1")
             (Val $ Struct [Add (Val $ Var "Y1")
                                (Val $ Var "Y2")]))

I wanted to replace only the inner "Add" expression
  Add (Val $ Var "Y1") (Val $ Var "Y2")
because its "parent" is not of the same type as itself (it's a list),
using a function such as chopAdd:

chopAdd (Add _ _)  = Val $ Var "AddChop"
chopAdd e          = e

But using "everywhere" from Scrap Your BoilerPlate (SYB):
everywhere (mkT repAdd) e
I'd get:
Sub (Val (Var "A")) (Val (Var "AddChop"))
while I was hoping for:
Sub (Val (Var "A")) (Add (Val (Var "X1")) (Val (Struct [Val (Var "AddChop")])))

The Haskell.org SYB wiki presents "listifyWholeLists". This is relevant, though
it applies queries rather than transformations. It uses a function called
synthesize, which I was ultimately unable to properly reference, or
apply to the problem at hand.

So here is my solution:

everywhereBar :: GenericQ Bool -> GenericT -> GenericT
everywhereBar q f x
 | q x       =   (gmapT (everywhereBar (typeEq x) f) x)
 | otherwise = f (gmapT (everywhereBar (typeEq x) f) x)

 where typeEq p c = typeOf p == typeOf c

It's like SYB's "everywhereBut", except
1. The consequence of q x being True is only to remove
   the application of f to the "parent"; not to stop traversal.
2. q is not constant. Instead it is the partial application of
   a local function, "typeEq".

An application looks like:
everywhereBar (const False) (mkT repAdd) e
with (const False) the user is choosing the outcome of the very first "q x"
in "everywhereBar".

I'm enjoying using SYB, and had hoped to use only functions from the package,
but couldn't find a way; and this does the job for now. I've also seen that
there are many other approaches to generic programming than SYB (even for AST
transformations in particular) but I wanted to understand SYB first. I'm
interested to know if anyone has a more elegant SYB solution.

And here's the monadic version:

everywhereBarM :: Monad m => GenericQ Bool -> GenericM m -> GenericM m
everywhereBarM q f x
 | q x       =          gmapM (everywhereBarM (typeEq x) f) x
 | otherwise = do x' <- gmapM (everywhereBarM (typeEq x) f) x
                  f x'
 where typeEq p c = typeOf p == typeOf c


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