[Haskell-cafe] lhs2tex, Haskell Platform and cygwin

Jacques Carette carette at mcmaster.ca
Thu Dec 17 16:24:32 EST 2009

Some success now.

Reverting to building by hand, if I
1. edit config.ml to put "" quotes around the name of the GHC executable 
(since it contains spaces AND () ),
2. edit Makefile to add -package base- on to the --make line,
things proceed through the build and install stage properly.

For doing things by-hand, it would be nice if the 'configure' script 
automatically put "" quotes aroung the name of the GHC executable when 
generating config.mk.  I took a look to see if I could figure out a 
patch to do that, but it wasn't obvious enough.

Also, it would be nice if there were an lhs2tex version which worked 
out-of-the-box with base>=4, since hacking the Makefile for that seems, 
er, sub-optimal?

Best would be if cabal was cygwin-friendlier.  Unfortunately, that seems 
to be a lot easier said that done :-(.

Now I have to see if 'poly' style *actually* works...

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