[Haskell-cafe] Re: What about adding a wiki for each haskell project?

Marc Weber marco-oweber at gmx.de
Sat Dec 12 08:13:32 EST 2009

Excerpts from Duncan Coutts's message of Sat Dec 12 03:26:30 +0100 2009:
> On Sat, 2009-12-12 at 01:00 +0100, Marc Weber wrote:
> > hackage is success because:
> > a) many (most) people do use it (by uploading packages)
> > b) it is a comprehensive list of availible packages if not the most
> >     comprehensive one
> > 
> > Duncan, can you write about your concerns briefly why some maintainers may dislike
> > this idea ?
> I added a section to the wiki page you created.

I didn't paste the link earlier because I was no longer sure whether a
wiki page is the best thing todo.
Anyway here it is:

Duncan added this section:

  3 Concerns 

  My (DuncanCoutts) concern is about the consent from package authors.
  Hackage is a social bargain. We ask package authors to distribute their
  work through hackage because it provides benefits to the community. If
  we impose too much on package authors then they may decide it's just not
  worth it. 

  In particular, if we automatically create a wiki page for every package
  then we are imposing additional obligations on package authors. As a
  package author I might be concerned that this wiki page duplicates an
  existing home page or bug tracking system. If there's a wiki page about
  my project then I am effectively obligated to check it from time to
  time, since users will inevitably report bugs etc there. It is that
  extra obligation that package authors may resent. 

  There is no problem with such a feature being opt-in, but whether it is
  something we require and impose on package authors needs much more of a
  social consensus before we go ahead.

So how do we reach this consensus?
Is it feasable to ask all package authors which uploaded anything to

Duncan, can you also separate your thoughts and switch in two different

a) You as package maintainer (eg supporting cabal)

b) You as cabal (& hackage) maintainer thinking about package
maintainers contributing to hackage.

Thus are you concerned yourself ? Would you prefer opt-in for the
projects *you* maintain ?

Do you think package authors which do care (and which have a bug
tracking system and a home page (eg gtk2hs)) would be willing to
add those links to the wiki? It could look like this:

Dear user. Let me tell you about:
* package bug tracking system (link)
* package homepage (link)
* package mailinglist (...)
* package repository: darcs get .....

And people will follow those links and create a bug report.
Moreover I think they would be even thankful!

If they don't they are just stupid. And you'll always meet this kind of

And again: We generated value because you don't have to upload a new
package to tell users about a new homepage or a new bug tracking system
or whatever. They will find it by themselves without magic and without
contacting you and without looking at the darcs repository (which may take
much time ..)

If you have time to maintain a package you also have time to ad 4 links
or less. If you don't this means you don't care which is also fine.

Marc Weber

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