[Haskell-cafe] Natural Language Processing

wren ng thornton wren at freegeek.org
Wed Dec 9 22:58:00 EST 2009

John D. Earle wrote:
> Is Parsec capable of parsing a mildly context sensitive language? In particular does it parse a combinatory categorial grammar? Does Haskell have such tools in its shed? What sort of facilities does Haskell have for natural language processing?

If you come back at the end of spring term I should have an adaptive 
incremental CCG parser for on-line integration with speech recognition 
and semantic evaluation (i.e., the complete stack of NLP for a 
speech-understanding robot).

Until then, you may want to join the (quiet) Haskell NLP list:


And there's the NLP section of Hackage:


If you're just interested in mildly-context-sensitive grammars rather 
than CCG in particular, Eric Kow's thesis work on generation with 
FB-LTAG grammars is also online:


Live well,

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