[Haskell-cafe] Re: Checking dependencies from C packages in cabal

Maurí­cio CA mauricio.antunes at gmail.com
Wed Dec 9 12:51:56 EST 2009

 > Until you get the perfect answer you may want to have a look at
 > the cabal definitions of
 > zlib digest OpenGLRaw GLUT readline GLFW wxcore terminfo
 > berkeleydb BerkeleyDB hubris pcre-light HDBC-mysql HDBC-sqlite3
 > HDBC-odbc HDBC-postgresql

I do know them. But they just include needed .h and .c files with
Haskell package, mark required libraries but do no version check,
or delegate the task to configure scripts or external programs.
HDBC-mysql Setup program gave me a start, thought. Thanks.

 > Also make sure to search the Cabal mailinglist and maybe even
 > move this thread to the Cabal mailinglist.

Cabal page sugests Haskell libraries mailing list for questions. I
should have used that.

Thanks. Best,

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