[Haskell-cafe] Announcing a summer internship for a NASA-sponsored project

Lee Pike leepike at gmail.com
Wed Dec 9 11:49:02 EST 2009

*               ANNOUNCING:                    *

The National Institute of Aerospace (NIA) and Galois, Inc. would like  
to announce a Summer Visitor position for a joint in the summer of  
2010 (and the summer of 2011).  The position will be located at the  
NIA, located in the historic Hampton Roads area of Virginia, U.S.  The  
visitor will work with researchers at both the NIA and Galois.

We are looking for a summer visitor to work on a NASA-sponsored  
project investigating runtime monitoring applied to hard real-time  
distributed systems such as avionics.  Runtime monitoring is an  
approach to check a system's conformance to safety specifications at  
runtime.  The work is being directed by Dr. Alwyn Goodloe (NIA) and  
Dr. Lee Pike (Galois, Inc.)---contact below.

The visitor's work will depend on the skills and interests of the  
student, but it will likely focus on the development and application  
of of a monitor synthesis tool, CoPilot.  Copilot takes property  
specification and synthesizes monitors for the properties to embedded  
C.  Copilot is a Haskell library built on top of the Haskell eDSL Atom  
<http://hackage.haskell.org/package/atom>.  The work is expected to  
lead to one or more conference publications.

    * The candidate should have significant experience in programming  
in modern typed functional programming languages such as Haskell,  
OCAML, or Clean (programming will be done mainly in Haskell).
    * Some experience and exposure to writing and debugging C programs.
    * Some experience with using and configuring *nix systems.

    * Experience with real-time systems, RTOSes, scheduling,  
distributed systems, control theory, or avionics.
    * Experience or interest in in configuring a small distributed  
hardware-based system (e.g., using Arduinos).
    * Experience or interest in formal methods (e.g., model-checking,  
temporal logics, runtime monitoring).
    * Good writing skills/experience in writing technical papers.
    * Interest in continuing collaboration at his or her home  
institution during the remainder of the year.
    * Interest in an internship for the summers of 2010 *and* 2011.
    * Interest in NASA.

  * DO *NOT* NEED:
    * A degree (we're interested in hearing from post-docs, graduate  
students, and undergrads).
    * U.S. citizenship or work visa (all expenses are paid, but we  
anticipate this being an unpaid internship).

The National Institute of Aerospace is a nonprofit institution with  
both research and educational components.  We have both full-time  
research staff members as well as faculty and graduate students from  
our six member universities.  Research carried out at NIA includes  
fluid mechanics, space vehicle design, atmospheric science, material  
science, and computer science.  Within computer science, the primary  
focus is in formal methods, and we work closely with the formal  
methods group at NASA's Langley Research Center, located less than one  
mile away.  The visitor will have an opportunity for frequent  
interaction with the NASA Langley Formal Methods Group.

The NIA is located in Hampton, Virginia.  The cities of Norfolk and  
Virginia Beach are nearby as is historic Colonial Willamsburg.   
Numerous attractions and activities are available within an hour's  
drive.  Within a couple of hours are the Outer Banks of North Carolina  
and Washington DC, which are popular weekend getaways for our summer  
visitors.  NASA and NIA both host a large number of summer visitors  
(undergraduate and graduate students) from around the world.

Galois, Inc. is located in Portland, Oregon with a mission to create  
trustworthiness in critical systems.  We’re in the business of taking  
blue-sky ideas and turning them into real-world technology solutions.   
We've been developing real-world systems for the past 10 years using  

This is anticipated to be an unpaid but internship in which all living  
expenses are covered.  These include
  * travel expenses to and from the NIA and your home
  * housing allowance
  * food allowance
  * rental car and gas

Please email a C.V. (PDF or plain text) and a brief plain text note  
statting your interest and experience to Dr. Alwyn Goodloe at <alwyn.goodloe at nianet.org 
 >.  There is flexibility regarding the dates of the visit.

* Application due date: Jan. 15, 2010 *

  * NIA website: http://www.nianet.org/
  * Galois website: http://www.galois.com/
  * Hampton Roads: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Hampton_Roads
  * NASA Langley Formal Methods Group: http://shemesh.larc.nasa.gov/fm/

Please email either Dr. Alwyn Goodloe <alwyn.goodloe at nianet.org> and/ 
or Dr. Lee Pike <leepike at galois.com> with any questions.

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